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ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
00601StandardAdjuntasAdjuntasArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00602StandardAguadaArea Code 787
00603StandardAguadilla, RameyAguadillaArea Code 787
00604PO BoxAguadilla, Ramey
00605PO BoxAguadilla
00606StandardMaricaoMaricaoArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00610StandardAnascoArea Code 787
00611PO BoxAngeles
00612StandardAreciboAreciboArea Code 787
00613PO BoxArecibo
00614PO BoxArecibo
00617StandardBarcelonetaBarcelonetaArea Code 787
00622StandardBoqueronArea Code 787
00623StandardCabo RojoArea Code 787
00624StandardPenuelasArea Code 787
00627StandardCamuyArea Code 787
00631PO BoxCastaner, Adjuntas
00636PO BoxRosario
00637StandardSabana GrandeArea Code 787
00638StandardCialesArea Code 787
00641StandardUtuadoArea Code 787
00646StandardDoradoArea Code 787
00650StandardFloridaArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00652StandardGarrochalesAreciboArea Code 787
00653StandardGuanicaArea Code 787
00656StandardGuayanillaArea Code 787
00660StandardHormiguerosArea Code 787
00662StandardIsabelaArea Code 787
00664StandardJayuyaArea Code 787
00667StandardLajasArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00669StandardLaresArea Code 787
00670StandardLas MariasArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00674StandardManatiArea Code 787
00676StandardMocaArea Code 787
00677StandardRinconArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00678StandardQuebradillasArea Code 787
00680StandardMayaguezArea Code 787
00681PO BoxMayaguez
00682StandardMayaguezArea Code 787
00683StandardSan GermanArea Code 787
00685StandardSan SebastianArea Code 787
00687StandardMorovisArea Code 787
00688StandardSabana HoyosArea Code 787
00690StandardSan Antonio
00692StandardVega AltaArea Code 787
00693StandardVega BajaArea Code 787
00694PO BoxVega Baja
00698StandardYaucoArea Code 787
00703StandardAguas BuenasArea Code 787
00705StandardAibonitoArea Code 787
00707StandardMaunaboArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00714StandardArroyoArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00715StandardMercedita, PonceArea Code 787
00716StandardPonce, MerceditaArea Code 787
00718StandardNaguaboArea Code 787
00719StandardNaranjitoArea Code 787
00720StandardOrocovisArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00721PO BoxPalmer, Rio Grande
00725StandardCaguasArea Code 787
00726PO BoxCaguas
00727StandardCaguasArea Code 787
00729StandardCanovanasCanóvanasArea Code 787
00730StandardPonceArea Code 787
00731StandardPonceArea Code 787
00732PO BoxPonce
00733PO BoxPonce
00734PO BoxPonce
00735StandardCeiba, Roosevelt Rds, Roosevelt RoadsArea Code 787
00736StandardCayeyArea Code 787
00737PO BoxCayey
00738StandardFajardoArea Code 787
00739StandardCidraArea Code 787
00740StandardPuerto Real
00741StandardPunta Santiago, Punta Stgo
00742PO BoxRoosevelt Roads, Ceiba, Roosevelt Rds
00744PO BoxRio Blanco
00745StandardRio GrandeArea Code 787
00751StandardSalinasArea Code 787
00754StandardSan LorenzoArea Code 787
00757StandardSanta IsabelSanta IsabelArea Code 787
00765StandardViequesArea Code 787
00767StandardYabucoaArea Code 787
00769StandardCoamoArea Code 787
00771StandardLas PiedrasArea Code 787
00773StandardLuquilloArea Code 787
00775PO BoxCulebra
00777StandardJuncosArea Code 787
00778StandardGuraboArea Code 787
00780StandardCoto Laurel, PonceArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00782StandardComerioArea Code 787
00783StandardCorozalArea Code 787
00784StandardGuayamaArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00785PO BoxGuayama
00786PO BoxLa PlataAibonito
00791StandardHumacaoArea Code 787
00792PO BoxHumacao
00794StandardBarranquitasArea Code 787
00795StandardJuana DiazArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00901StandardSan Juan, Old San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn J...
00902PO BoxSan Juan, Old San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn J...
00906PO BoxSan Juan, Pta De Tierra, Puerta De Tierra
00907StandardSan Juan, Condado, Miramar, SanturceArea Code 787
00908PO BoxSan Juan
00909StandardSan Juan, Fdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos, Minillas,...Area Code 787
Area Code 939
00910PO BoxSan Juan, Fdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos
00911StandardSan Juan, Loiza Street, SanturceArea Code 787
00912StandardSan Juan, SanturceArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00913StandardSan Juan, Isla Verde, Santurce
00914PO BoxSan Juan, Loiza Street, Santurce
00915StandardSan Juan, Barrio Obrero, Bo Obrero, SanturceArea Code 787
00916PO BoxSan Juan, Barrio Obrero, Santurce
00917StandardSan Juan, Hato Rey
00918StandardSan Juan
00919PO BoxSan Juan, Hato Rey
00920StandardSan Juan, Caparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Cap...Area Code 787
Area Code 939
00921StandardSan Juan, College Park, Pto Nuevo, Puerto Nuevo, R...
00922PO BoxSan Juan, Caparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Cap...
00923StandardSan Juan, 65th Infantry
00924StandardSan Juan, Rio Piedras, 65th InfantryArea Code 787
00925StandardSan Juan, Rio Piedras
00926StandardSan Juan, Cupey, Rio PiedrasArea Code 787
00927StandardSan Juan, Rio PiedrasArea Code 787
00928PO BoxSan Juan, Rio Piedras
00929PO BoxSan Juan, Rio Piedras, 65th InfantrySan Juan
00930PO BoxSan Juan, Rio Piedras, San Jose
00931PO BoxSan Juan, Rio PiedrasSan Juan
00933PO BoxSan JuanSan Juan
00934StandardFort Buchanan, Ft Buchanan
00935UniqueSan JuanSan Juan
00936PO BoxSan Juan, Barrio Obrero, Caparra, Cupey, Gpo, Loiz...
00937PO BoxSan JuanSan Juan
00939UniqueSan JuanSan Juan
00940PO BoxSan Juan, Minillas, Santurce
00949StandardToa Baja, LevittownArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00950PO BoxToa Baja
00951PO BoxToa Baja
00952StandardSabana SecaToa Baja
00953StandardToa AltaToa AltaArea Code 787
00954PO BoxToa AltaToa Alta
00955PO BoxSan JuanSan Juan
00956StandardBayamonBayamónArea Code 787
00957StandardBayamonBayamónArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00958PO BoxBayamonBayamón
00959StandardBayamonBayamónArea Code 787
00960PO BoxBayamon
00961StandardBayamonBayamónArea Code 787
00962StandardCatanoCatañoArea Code 787
00963PO BoxCatanoCataño
00965StandardGuaynaboGuaynaboArea Code 787
00966StandardGuaynaboGuaynaboArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00968StandardGuaynaboGuaynaboArea Code 787
00969StandardGuaynaboGuaynaboArea Code 787
00970PO BoxGuaynabo
00971StandardGuaynaboGuaynaboArea Code 787
00975UniqueSan JuanSan Juan
00976StandardTrujillo AltoTrujillo AltoArea Code 787
Area Code 939
00977PO BoxTrujillo Alto
00978PO BoxSaint JustSan Juan
00979StandardCarolinaCarolinaArea Code 787
00981PO BoxCarolinaCarolina
00982StandardCarolinaCarolinaArea Code 787
00984PO BoxCarolinaCarolina
00985StandardCarolinaCarolinaArea Code 787
00986PO BoxCarolinaCarolina
00987StandardCarolinaCarolinaArea Code 787
00988PO BoxCarolinaCarolina
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