ZIP Code Database

Our ZIP Code Database can be downloaded in both Microsoft Excel and CSV formats and easily opened in most spreadsheet applications or imported into the database software of your choosing. The data comes from authoritative sources such as the United States Postal Service (2011), US Census Bureau (2010), the Internal Revenue Service (2008), and Yahoo. For more information on data accuracy, please see the discussion of ZIP codes. Click here to download a sample database in CSV format.

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ZIP Code Database Schema

Field Type Comment
zip varchar(5) ZIP Code
type varchar(8) Military, PO Box, Standard, or Unique
primary_city varchar(255) Primary City of ZIP code
acceptable_cities varchar(255) Acceptable Cities for ZIP code
unacceptable_cities varchar(255) Unacceptable Cities for ZIP code
state varchar(2) U.S. State Abbreviation
county varchar(255) County within State
timezone varchar(255) Timezone Name
area_codes varchar(255) Telephone Area Codes within this ZIP
latitude float Latitude
longitude float Longitude
world_region varchar(2) World Region
country varchar(2) Alpha-2 Country Code
decommissioned int(1) Whether this zip has been decommissioned
estimated_population int(5) Estimated population
notes varchar(255) Notes about this ZIP code

Sample Downloads

Data Statistics

  • Total ZIP Codes: 42,522
  • 41,859 active and 663 decommissioned ZIP codes
  • ZIP code types:
    • 29,971 STANDARD
    • 9,465 PO BOX
    • 2,437 UNIQUE
    • 649 MILITARY
  • ZIP code locations:
    • 41,366 from the 50 US states
    • 7 AF
    • 81 AS
    • 6 AU
    • 8 CA
    • 146 EU
    • 80 ME
    • 823 NA
    • 4 SA
    • 1 WW
  • Excel file size: 8.75MB
  • CSV file size: 5.30MB

Data Sources

  • Current ZIP codes
    • ZIP code, type, cities: USPS
    • Military place names: MPSA Election Ballot
    • Estimated population: IRS
    • Latitude/longitude: National Weather Service
    • County, time zone, area codes, and country: Yahoo
  • Decommissioned ZIP codes
    • Usually quality sources but not verifiable